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[netCDF #UEC-670182]: Need to find information on the NetCDF data type constants

Hi Rachel,

> I am using matlab to read in NetCDF data and it is very important that I
> know what type of data type a particular variable is.  I use the following
> command:
> [varname, vartype, dimids, natts] = netcdf.inqVar(ncid,0)
> The 'vartype' variable gives me a number associated with a particular data
> type (integer, byte, double, etc) but I cannot find the information about
> which data types go along with which constant.

Assuming Matlab uses the same constants as the netCDF C library, then here 
are the types, from the the netCDF C library documentation:


They are also listed in the netcdf.h header file for the netCDF C library:

 *  The netcdf external data types
#define NC_NAT          0       /**< Not A Type */
#define NC_BYTE         1       /**< signed 1 byte integer */
#define NC_CHAR         2       /**< ISO/ASCII character */
#define NC_SHORT        3       /**< signed 2 byte integer */
#define NC_INT          4       /**< signed 4 byte integer */
#define NC_LONG         NC_INT  /**< deprecated, but required for backward 
compatibility. */
#define NC_FLOAT        5       /**< single precision floating point number */
#define NC_DOUBLE       6       /**< double precision floating point number */
#define NC_UBYTE        7       /**< unsigned 1 byte int */
#define NC_USHORT       8       /**< unsigned 2-byte int */
#define NC_UINT         9       /**< unsigned 4-byte int */
#define NC_INT64        10      /**< signed 8-byte int */
#define NC_UINT64       11      /**< unsigned 8-byte int */
#define NC_STRING       12      /**< string */

/* The following are use internally in support of user-defines
 * types. They are also the class returned by nc_inq_user_type. */
#define NC_VLEN         13      /**< vlen (variable-length) types */
#define NC_OPAQUE       14      /**< opaque types */
#define NC_ENUM         15      /**< enum types */
#define NC_COMPOUND     16      /**< compound types */


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