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[netCDF #FIL-651276]: netcdf-c-4.3.1-rc2 ncdump test failures


> I built netcdf-c-4.3.1 from the latest release candidate 2 against 
> hdf5-1.8.11, 64bit, compiled by the sysadmins of the HPC I am using (IBM 
> Power6). Unfortunately, make check fails in directory ncdump for 5 tests, and 
> I think they are all related to scalar variables/dataspaces in NetCDF4 files.

I see you are enabling many options for configure:

>  $ ./configure --prefix=/pf/k/k203080/3rdparty --enable-netcdf4 
> --enable-extra-example-tests --enable-dependency-tracking 
> --enable-dap-long-tests --enable-extra-tests --enable-large-file-tests 
> --enable-shared --enable-static

We don't test releases with all combinations of configure options
enabled.  The default configure will run the tests we use for
development.  It will also build a library with netCDF-4 enabled (if
an HDF5 library is found installed where CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS), with
DAP remote access enabled (if libcurl is installed), and with shared
and static libraries.  The --enable-dap-long-tests and
--enable-extra-example-tests are intended for developers, and may
sometimes include tests that don't yet pass on all platforms,
especially in release candidates.

> I read about a problem with scalar data in NetCDF4 files with the earlier 
> version 4.3.0 (for which I got three failures in ncdump) and that this was 
> fixed in rc1. Presumably my assumption that the bug was related to the 
> failures was wrong?

We don't know yet.  All the ncdump tests pass on our test platforms, including 
Solaris, OSX, and Windows, but we don't have access to an up-to-date AIX 
platform on
which we can duplicate the problems you are seeing.

> I am attaching my config.log that contains all the necessary information for 
> my build and the ncdump/test-suite.log.
> Note that I can use the NetCDF library without problems with WRF, so I am not 
> sure if it is a real problem - but I wanted to report it as requested in the 
> make check output.

Thanks for reporting the problems!  If we can reproduce them, we'll put them in 
bug-tracking system for fixing.


> Regards
> Dom
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> Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
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