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[netCDF #NRW-974703]: invalid HDF5 variable size prevents reading range in Java

> In an ideal world, because NetCDF already supports several formats,
> NetCDF would allow a user to plug in some other format implementation.
> But it doesn't---rather than dividing the API into "interface" and
> "implementation" parts with componentized strategies, it hard-codes
> support for its various formats (including HDF5) into the library
> itself, precluding extension to new format types.

Hi Garret:

netcdf-java supports the IOSP plug-in layer. The docs suck of course, but heres 
what we have: 


the IOSP plug-ins may make a quick API change not easy, since they all have to 
support the change, and Im not sure if you understand the implications yet. but 
we are certainly happy to have your help.

Being grumpy with open source software is, um, counterproductive. You can 
insist on your POV in calling things a bug, but then you may get a less than 
enthusiastic reception from those who disagree. I dont know if your client is 
part of the NSF earth science community that funds us, and we have a lot of 
things on our plate. If the "workaround" works it may not be worth the time to 
munge a complex piece of code. 

anyway, i will read the rest of your email later and see if i agree with you or 


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