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[netCDF #CNK-256992]: netcdf4.1.3 compilation problem

Hi Sumit,

> Description of problem: i have install netcdf4.1.3 with netcdf4 enabled, and 
> -q64 .
> #!/bin/bash
> export CC='xlc -q64'
> export CXX='xlC -q64'
> export FC='xlf -q64'
> #export CFLAGS='-q64'
> #export CXXFLAGS='-q64'
> #export FFLAGS='-q64'
> #export FCFLAGS='-q64'
> export AR='ar -X64'
> export ARFLAGS='-X64 cru'
> #export AR_FLAGS='-X64 cru'
> #export NMFLAGS='-X64'
> export OBJECT_MODE=64

Those look OK.

> export NCBYTE_T='integer(selected_int_kind(2))'
> export NCSHORT_T='integer*2'
> export NF_INT1_T='integer(selected_int_kind(2))'
> export NF_INT2_T='integer*2'
> export NF_INT1_IS_C_SHORT=1
> export NF_INT2_IS_C_SHORT=1
> export NF_INT_IS_C_INT=1
> export NF_REAL_IS_C_FLOAT=1

I don't know why you are setting any of the above environment variables.
But that won't cause the tests to fail, it's merely unnecessary.

> export CPPFLAGS="-I/home/climate/cfs/sumit/install_zlib_hdf5/include"
> export LDFLAGS="-L/home/climate/cfs/sumit/install_zlib_hdf5/lib"
> # ./configure --enable-netcdf-4 --prefix=/home/climate/cfs/sumit/netcdf-4.1.3 
> --disable-shared 2>&1|tee log.config
> # CPPFLAGS="-I/home/climate/cfs/sumit/install_zlib_hdf5/include 
> -L/home/climate/cfs/sumit/install_zlib_hdf5/lib"
> ./configure --disable-shared --disable-examples --disable-largefile 
> --prefix=/home/climate/cfs/sumit/netcdf-4.1.3 
> --with-hdf5=/home/climate/cfs/sumit/instal
> l_zlib_hdf5 --with-zlib=/home/climate/cfs/sumit/install_zlib_hdf5 
> --enable-netcdf-4 2>&1|tee log.config.sumit_with-q64
> this my configuration script.
> i run the script it configure successfully but when i run "make check"
> it shows
> "1 of 50 tests failed
> Please report to address@hidden
> "
> and the failed test is
> /bin/sh: 1151104 Segmentation fault(coredump)
> FAIL: tst_interops5
> Please tell what is wrong i have done.

We don't have an AIX platform on which to test netCDF 4.1.3, so 
I can't duplicate the error.  You didn't say what version of HDF5
you have installed, and it's possible that error could occur with
an old version of HDF5, before 1.8.4.  Otherwise, I can't see the

You might try building the latest netCDF C version 4.3.0 according
to these instructions:


and after that is installed, try building the netcdf-fortran-4.2
release that uses it, according to these instructions:



Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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