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[netCDFJava #NNB-487385]: NcML aggregation code fails after recent Java NetCDF library upgrade

Hi Tommy:

Its a bug on union aggregations when you read the ncml as a stream, not a file. 
We'll get a fix out.


> On 6/14/13 1:25 PM, Unidata netCDF Java Support wrote:
> > Hi Tommy,
> >
> > Yes, I think dumping the NcML out and trying it in toolsUI would be a
> > great idea - I think this will give us a better idea of where to start. Let
> > me know how it goes.
> >
> >
> Hi Sean -
> So I dumped out the NcML, and ToolsUI is perfectly happy with it.
> I'll attach a sample NcML file here, and give links to the two files
> being aggregated, in case there is something you can check.
> ftp://ftp.ssec.wisc.edu/pub/incoming/SVM01_npp_d20120120_t0531354_e0532596_b01189_c20120120120033631216_noaa_ops.h5
> ftp://ftp.ssec.wisc.edu/pub/incoming/GMTCO_npp_d20120120_t0531354_e0532596_b01189_c20120120115420527613_noaa_ops.h5
> This sure looks suspicious to me though - logging I have not seen
> until the recent ncIdv.jar update:
> [java] 15:24:34.727 [Thread-101] INFO
> t.i.CollectionManagerAbstract - log: HEY cleanName
> I get this right after I generate the NcML and right before the Exception
> --
> Tommy Jasmin
> Space Science and Engineering Center
> University of Wisconsin, Madison
> 1225 West Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53706

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