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[netCDF #WRU-143814]: Building errors related to parallel-netcdf


> I want to use parallel-netcdf through the F90 API in NetCDF, so I try to 
> build NetCDF with '--enable-pnetcdf' option (in Mac). The packages of NetCDF 
> are:
> netcdf-, netcdf-fortran-4.2.tar.gz
> But I encountered the following error when running my programs:
> dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _nf_create_par_
> Referenced from: /usr/local/lib/libnetcdff.5.dylib
> Expected in: flat namespace
> So I checked the symbols in the library with '--enable-pnetcdf' switched on:
> $ nm /usr/local/lib/libnetcdff.dylib | grep nf_create
> 552:                 U _nf_create_
> 553:00000000000021ad T _nf_create__
> 554:                 U _nf_create_par_
> 555:00000000000091ed T _nf_create_par__
> and with '--enable-pnetcdf' switched off:
> $ nm /usr/local/lib/libnetcdff.dylib | grep nf_create
> 544:0000000000001b8d T _nf_create_
> 545:0000000000008bcd T _nf_create_par_
> What is the '_nf_create_par__' when building with parallel-netcdf?

That just looks like a mismatch between how the Fortran-77 functions
expect the corresponding C functions to be named (one trailing "_"
character) and how they are actually named (two trailing "_" characters").
Perhaps the C library was compiled without the correct flag that 
determines this naming convention, such as -DpgiFortran or -DgFortran.

Sorry, I'm unable to duplicate this problem.  Building the netCDF Fortran
library on MacOS requires that the Fortran compiler you use is compatible 
with the C compiler, and that the C library is built with correct flags to
specify which conventions are used to call C functions from Fortran, as
described in step 4 here, under the "Using Static Libraries" section:


I've sometimes been able to build the netCDF Fortran libraries with
parallel support by using the macports.org package named "netcdf-fortran",
as follows:

  $ sudo port install netcdf-fortran +mpich

but that uses only HDF5 parallel I/O, and didn't work when I tried it 
recently.  You might send your question to the parallel-netcdf support
email to see if they can help.


> Best regards,
> Li
> -----------------------------------------
> Dr. Li Dong (??)
> LASG, Institute of Atmospheric Physics
> Chinese Academy of Sciences
> P.O. Box 9804
> Beijing 100029, China
> Phone: 8610-8299 5143
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