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[netCDF #JIT-775339]: Read SST from Reynold's NetCDF

Hi Jose,

> My name is Jose and I am doing a investigation for sea temperature in
> region affected by folk islands and Brazil warm front. (Shout America)
> I was able to successfully view data from NOAA in netCDF format in Ocean
> Data View
> Now I want to manipulate the information and what I need is basically read
> the sst variable from the files located in
> ftp://eclipse.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/OI-daily-v2/NetCDF/2013/AVHRR/
> I appreciate if you Can provide me some code example, preferably in have
> to read this data and bring latitude, longitude, temperature for certain day

Sorry, but we don't have the resources to provide custom programming.

However, there are examples of programs to write or read netCDF data, in 
languages, here:


You could start by looking at the way the data is stored, using the ncdump 
command-line utility program with something like

  $ ncdump -h avhrr-only-v2.20130115.nc

which shows you information about the sst variable:

        short sst(time, zlev, lat, lon) ;
                sst:long_name = "Daily sea surface temperature" ;
                sst:units = "degrees C" ;
                sst:_FillValue = -999s ;
                sst:add_offset = 0.f ;
                sst:scale_factor = 0.01f ;
                sst:valid_min = -300s ;
                sst:valid_max = 4500s ;

Then you could adapt one of the example programs listed on the web page above,
such as:

  C: pres_temp_4D_rd.c
  Fortran 77: pres_temp_4D_rd.f
  Fortran 90: pres_temp_4D_rd.f90
  C++: pres_temp_4D_rd.cpp
  Java: Pres_temp_4D_rd.java
  Contributed: Python: pres_temp_4D_rd.py 
               MATLAB: pres_temp_4D_rd.m 
               Perl: pres_temp_4D_rd.pl 
               IDL: pres_temp_4D_rd.pro

which all read values from similar 4-dimensional variables.

Good luck!


> Thanks in advance
> Jose

Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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