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[netCDF #OWN-203547]: Problem with ncdump

Hi Matt,

> I'm trying to use ncdump to read a WRF output file,
> but am getting the following error: "***ncdump:
> ncopen failed on <file name>". I'm not sure what the
> problem is since I can use ncdump to open sample
> netCDF files that I download from UCAR's website.
> Any idea what's up?

I need more information about the problem.

What version of ncdump?  Look at the last line of output
from running ncdump --version.  If there is no version listed,
it's a very old and unsupported ncdump, so you may need to

What platform are you running ncdump on?  If it's an old version
of Windows, the port you have may have been created by a third
party before we started officially supporting building the
netCDF library and utilities from source on Windows.  We also
now support binary downloads of netCDF for Windows.

Can you run a different program than ncdump on the same file
from the same directory?  For example, do you get an error message
from running "cat <file name>" ?

Can you make the WRF output file available?


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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Ticket ID: OWN-203547
Department: Support netCDF
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