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[netCDFJava #EMC-170805]: how to get model run time

Hi Don:

The TDS 4.2 and 4.3 are different, so it depends.

TDS 4.2 FMRC allows you to extract the runtime from the filename. this works 
for the way that unidata stores data off the idd.

TDS 4.3 Grib Collection only looks at the internal GRIB data. At some point I 
realized that not all GRIB encodings use the "reference time" as the runtime. 
So I left that out. I havent had time to think through how to handle this 
correctly. Perhaps assume its runtime unless configured otherwise?

Im not sure of the specifics of the problem you see in the GFS model. It seems 
likely its a bug in 4.2. Is it still there? Lansing, did you look at this?


> Hi-
> I'm trying to figure out how to get the model run time for each time in
> a Best Time Series (or Best Timeseries in 4.3).  For example, if I look
> at the Best Time Series for the GFS 0.5 degree grids, I can call
> GridCoordSys.getTimeAxis1D() to get the valid times.  However, if I call
> GridCoordSys.getRunTimeAxis(), I get values that I don't think are
> valid.  If I look a this right now, I see at the end of the list (after
> calling getCalendarDates on the axis) that the very last times are:
> getTimeAxis1D():  2012-12-26T12:00:00Z
> getRunTimeAxis(): 2012-12-18T15:00:00Z
> The GFS .5 degree model is run every 6 hours, so I would think that the
> model run times should only be 0,6,12 and 18 and there should not be a
> 15Z run.  Am I interpreting this wrong?   If so, what is the correct way
> to get the model run time for a particular time value in the best time
> series.
> If I look at this catalog:
> http://thredds.ucar.edu/thredds/catalog/fmrc/NCEP/GFS/Global_0p5deg/runs/catalog.html
> I see the expected run times, so I'm wondering how this is calculated.
> Thanks.
> Don
> --
> Don Murray
> 303-497-3596
> http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/people/don.murray/

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