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[netCDF #BPK-422270]: Name contains illegal characters

>Actually my product is a CF complaint hdf5 file.
Same problem; it contains groups, so when sent using
the DAP protocol, they may contain / characters.

>Coming to the second part, if my file is a local cf
>complaint hdf-5 file, will the netcdf-C client work.
Maybe. Look at the answer to this question:
"Can netCDF-4 read arbitrary HDF5 files?"
at http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/#netcdf_faq

>It seems like netcdf-C is lagging behind netcdf-java in development.
Sort of. Remember that the C library supports netcdf-3 and 4.
The java client basically supports a variant of netcdf-4 and
"converts" (in a sense) netcdf-3 files into that variant.

>Are there any automated tools that we can use to generate
>netcdf-3 classic model complaint tools
>from cf complaint hdf-5 files.
Not sure, check the contributed tools page:

=Dennis Heimbigner

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