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[netCDFJava #YHR-625578]: Example CF files for Discrete Geometries

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the delay. John is out on vacation and ...

I'm going to have to look around a bit. I'm sure John has full fledged data 
files somewhere for each of the 'ncdump -h' examples given in Appendix H but 
I'm not sure where. I know we have a few samples from the wild in our set of 
test data but I'll have to dig around a bit. This has come up in the past as 
something to get up on the CF web pages but I'm afraid it hasn't happened yet.

Are there particular featureType-s you are interested in? Point, timeSeries, 
trajectory, etc? And structure: multi-dim array, ragged array, etc?

A quick source for a time series we generate comes from our NCSS Grid As Point 
service in our latest TDS 4.3. Here's an example URL:

> http://motherlode.ucar.edu:9080/thredds/ncss/grid/grib/NCEP/GFS/Alaska_191km/files/GFS_Alaska_191km_20121224_0600.grib1/pointDataset.html

I'll dig around a bit more and check with a few people.


Mike Dixon wrote:
> Hi John/Ethan
> I would like to get hold of some example files of the type described in
> Appendix H of the CF 1.6 document.
> Could you let me know if there are any such files available? Russ
> thought perhaps they were included with the Java netcdf support package.
> Thanks
> Mike

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