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[netCDF #UUS-259413]: pnetcdf and netcdf

I am getting very confused about pnetcdf support.
This comment of yours
>   2. For netCDF classic format or 64-bit offset format files that use the 
> second nc_create_par() 
>      call above, the parallel I/O uses pnetcdf aka parallel-netcdf, but 
> provides the same API
>      (and thus API parameter types) as in the serial netCDF API.  This 
> restricts it to arrays of
>      primitive types for data, rather than the structured MPI types of data 
> that pnetcdf can also 
>      access, but makes it easier to convert a serial netCDF program to use 
> parallel I/O.
makes me think that pnetcdf code should be in libsrc or as a separate dispatch 
However the current code has all the pnetcdf stuff in libsrc4.
When the --enable-pnetcdf is set for configure, should we treat this like a 
of netcdf-3 or netcdf-4?


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