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[netCDF #UXF-258603]: NetCDF 4.2 for Windows

Good afternoon,

> Hello,
> I download the 32-bit NetCDF 4.2 exe from this page:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/win_netcdf/
> and tried linking it as I have successfully done with an old v. 4.1.1
> in my FORTRAN code, but I get 158 LNK2019 errors looking for NF_XXXX
> unresolved externals.  Sneaking a text peek at the netcdf.lib file
> (which is about half the size of the 4.1.1 one), I noticed there are
> only nc_XXXX stubs and no NF_XXXX stubs.  I think this means that this
> library is not FORTRAN supported and only for C users.  Do you have a
> version for Windows FORTRAN users?

You are correct that the version you downloaded is only the C libraries;
starting with netCDF 4.2, netCDF fortran (and C++) support is maintained in  
separate libraries.  The source code for the fortran library is available at:


Currently, we don't have a version of the fortran libraries with
Windows support, but our goal is to introduce this support as quickly as
possible.  Fortunately, the work which went into bringing the netCDF 4.2 C
libraries to Windows will go a long way towards enabling Windows 
support for the fortran libraries.

I hope this information helps; I'm sorry there isn't a fortran library yet for 
download,  but there will be an announcement made as soon as we have a 
beta version available.

> Thanks and Happy New Year!

Thank you, you too.


> Regards,
> Liz
> Liz Orelup
> Meteorologist/Programmer
> http://www.oceanweather.com <http://www.oceanweather.com/>
> Ph: 203-661-3091
> Email: address@hidden

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