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[netCDF #TIU-359130]: Additional information regarding ticket MAV-429067

Hi Steve,

> Regarding the MAV-429067 problem (see below), I've also  tried a C only 
> install by exporting FC=' ' and CXX=' ' prior to running configure.
> This didn't work, as configure still tried to compose a makefile with FC = 
> gfortran. Then I tried:
> ./configure âprefix=/Applications/local âdisable-netcdf-4 âdisable-dap  
>   --disable-fortran
> which worked, i.e. make , check and install all looked OK and the resulting 
> files linked with my C programs.
> I suspect the first problem I note below, i.e. the one that stops the 
> configure script with :
> 'checking if Fortran "byte" is C "signed' char"... configure: error: Could 
> not link conftestf.o and conftest.o'
> is a problem with the Xcode supplied version of gfortran. I think I could  
> figure this out on my own if I wanted to use gfortran, e.g., install another
> gfortran version.

Yes, on OSX Xcode doesn't come with a Fortran compiler, so whatever version of 
gfortran you have must have
been installed separately, and may not be compatible with the gcc that comes 
with XCode.

> The thing that has me confused is the second problem, i.e., why is the 
> configure script ignoring the environment variables that I've defined.
> I've run a test to check that a simple local bash script recognizes global 
> variables that I've set via export, and it does. That is,
> Export TEST='This is a Test'
> # TEST.scr
> Echo $TEST
> exit
> echoes $TEST when I enter TEST.scr <ret> at the command line.
> I'm doing this all with Root User enabled. Is there something about configure 
> that I'm missing?. I've looked through configure âh but can't see anything 
> that
> relates to this. This looks like a dumb problem, but for the life of me I 
> can't figure it out.

On most systems, sudo does not permit inheriting environment variables, because 
it opens a security problem.
See the "Command Environment" section of this sudo guide for workarounds:



> Dear Support-Netcdf:
> I'm trying to install a 'Classic' netcdf with dap disabled on OSX Ver. 10.8 
> (Mountain Lion with Xcode Ver. 4.5.1 ) but I'm having trouble getting the 
> configure script to work properly.
> The following logs are in the attached  zip file:
> The output of env  listing the environment variables is in env.log.
> The output of  ./configure âprefix=/Applications/local âdisable-netcdf-4 
> âdisable-dap     is  in  configure.log (the STDOUT output) and config.log.
> Although they don't contain much, the zip files also contains the STDOUT of 
> make (make.log) make check (check.log) and make install (install.log).
> The netcdf  version is -n 4.1.3 , and I'm trying to install it on a Mac 
> running OSX Mountain Lion (10.8) with an Absoft Version 11.5  Fortran compiler
> I set the following environment variables before running configure. These 
> were similar to my last successful install of  netcdf 4.0.1 on a Mac (OSX 
> Ver. 4.5.8).
> export CC=/usr/bin/gcc
> export CPPFLAGS=-DAbsoftProFortran
> export FFLAGS='-YEXT_NAMES=LCS   âs   âYEXT_SFX=_'
> export FCFLAGS='-YEXT_NAMES=LCS   âs   âYEXT_SFX=_'
> export F90=/Applications/Absoft11.5/bin/af90
> export FC=/Applications/Absoft11.5/bin/af90
> export F77=/Applications/Absoft11.5/bin/af77
> There are two problems that I can see in  configure.log.
> 1) The error the the configure script ends at, i.e.,  checking if Fortran 
> "byte" is C "signed' char"... configure: error: Could not link conftestf.o 
> and conftest.o'
> and 2) , it seems that the configure script is ignoring the environment 
> variables that I've defined.
> When I enter  env > env.log  <ret> before I run configure I get (among other 
> things, see env.log for full output)
> CPPFLAGS=-DAbsoftProFortran
> F90=/Applications/Absoft11.5/bin/af90
> F77=/Applications/Absoft11.5/bin/af77
> FC=/Applications/Absoft11.5/bin/af90
> CC=/usr/bin/gcc
> But the STDOUT of configure (in configure.log) shows:
> checking CPPFLAGS...
> âââ âââ âââ.
> checking FC... gfortran
> checking FFLAGS... -g -O2
> checking type gfortran... gfortran is /sw/bin/gfortran
> checking F90... gfortran
> checking FCFLAGS... -g -O2
> checking type gfortran... gfortran is /sw/bin/gfortran
> Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  That is,  why aren't I seeing:
> checking FC... /Applications/Absoft11.5/bin/af90
> checking FFLAGS... -YEXT_NAME=LCS -s -YEXT-SFX=_
> etc.
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