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[netCDFJava #IQQ-460810]: issue opening a file as dods vs. local file

ok,I got the file to serve up using this url:
It is readable by toolsUI and by the netcdf-c library
(although it drops the variables whose name has a '/' in it,
as expected).

You might try the following experiment.
In your home directory, create a file
called ".dodsrc".
In this file, insert this line:


and see what happens to you attempts
to read the file.
You can use the motherlode url above if you want.

What I think is happening is that by default
those '/' characters are causing groups to be created
and the variables are inside those groups. If you
are not aware of the groups, then those variables
will appear to be missing. By turning off the group
flag (the .dodsrc line above), the variables will
be created in the top level. They will be visible,
but probably with odd names.

=Dennis Heimbigner

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Ticket ID: IQQ-460810
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