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[netCDF #FXT-735195]: NetCDF4.2 incorrect data returned from a netcdf-4 file with deflation on thredds server

Hi Dennis,

Dennis Heimbigner wrote:
> I see that there is an internal node from Ethan Davis
> indicating the problem appears to be with the server,
> so I will investigate that first. Also,
> do no remove those files from the ftp site just yet.
> =Dennis Heimbigner
> Unidata

My comments were based on a quick look at the OPeNDAP text data response for 
each dataset ("*.asc?temp[9][0][55:1:154][180]").

Your probably already looking at this but ...

My guess would be that the netCDF-Java library, which is used by the TDS to 
read the netCDF files, is not reading the netCDF-4 file properly. Another guess 
is that the main culprit may be that the TDS (and thus netCDF-Java library) on 
the server is almost two years old (TDS version 4.2.2). Our current stable 
release is 4.2.10.

Looking at the data in ToolsUI should be a quick test. If the latest 4.2 
ToolsUI doesn't read the data correctly, our 4.3 beta release might do better.


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