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[netCDF #MLE-377600]: netCDF to xyz

Hi Anne,

> Hello,
> I am registered to attend the UNIDATA Users Workshop, "Navigating Earth 
> System Science Data" in July.  I have just received this question from a 
> user, and I'm wondering if you have a quick answer.
> "I have a question on working with netcdf data. I am working with 
> precipitation data which is provided at a resolution of 0.5x0.5 degrees for 
> the time period 1900-2009, at monthly intervals. The data is in netcdf 
> format. I need to extract a txt or csv table with the data in a xyz format, 
> i.e. with four colums - latitude, longitude, time and precipitation. I have 
> Arc 10 and I've been struggling with the multidimensional tools library but I 
> wasn't able to find a solution yet. I would very much appreciate your help 
> with this."
> Is ArcGIS the best software to use to do this extraction?

Not necessarily.  I'm not very familiar with the ArcGIS tools provided for 
netCDF data, but 
you may find that one of the tools mentioned in the answer to this FAQ is 

  How do I convert netCDF data to ASCII or text?

A short Python program may be the shortest and clearest way to solve this 
problem, but the
user would have to have some familiarity with one of the Python interfaces to 
netCDF, such 



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