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[netCDF #XUG-723381]: Missing netcdf.mod


> I have been attempting to install netcdf for use in both atmospheric and
> land surface modeling. The version of netcdf I am attempting to install is
> 4.2.  I am using gcc and g95 for the c and FORTRAN compilers.  I am able to
> configure and make, make check, and make install successfully.
> Perhaps that is not the best word to use, lets say they run without error.
> Once installation is complete, I have noticed that the install did not
> generate the netcdf.mod file.  From reading online, I have determined this
> is a file generated with F90 APIs??  I have poured over the configure help
> and there isn't a reference to options that would invoke F90 APIs.  I have
> messed around with setting environment variables and all sorts of flags,
> but I haven't stumbled upon either the right combination of or found the
> correct flag/setting to force the install to create netcdf.mod.

I suspect that you have installed the C libraries using the netcdf-4.2 
distribution, but you haven't installed the Fortran libraries from the 
separate netcdf-fortran-4.2 distribution.  Beginning with version 4.2, 
the APIs for C, Fortran, and C++ are separate distributions:


Here are instructions for building and installing the Fortran release,
 after the C library has been installed:




Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
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