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[netCDF #ASX-279014]: Building netcdf-fortran-4.2 on 64-bit CentOS 5.6

Hi Jennifer,

> I have successfully built the C version of netcdf-4.2 with lots of
> important features enabled, here is the output from nc-config:
> # /opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/bin/nc-config --all
> This netCDF 4.2 has been built with the following features:
> --cc        -> /usr/bin/gcc
> --cflags    ->  -I/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/include 
> -I/opt/hdf5/1.8.8/intel/11.1.064/include 
> -I/opt/hdf/4.2.6/intel/11.1.064/include -I/opt/szip/2.1/include
> --libs      -> -L/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/lib -lnetcdf
> --cxx       -> @CXX@
> --has-c++   -> @HAS_CXX@
> --fc        -> @FC@
> --fflags    -> @FFLAGS@ @MOD_FLAG@/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/include
> --flibs     -> -L/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/lib @NC_FLIBS@
> --has-f77   -> @HAS_F77@
> --has-f90   -> @HAS_F90@
> --has-dap   -> yes
> --has-nc2   -> yes
> --has-nc4   -> yes
> --has-hdf5  -> yes
> --has-hdf4  -> yes
> --has-pnetcdf-> no
> --has-szlib ->
> --prefix    -> /opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2
> --includedir-> /opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/include
> --version   -> netCDF 4.2
> We use a module system to set paths and the right environment, here is
> the output from the 'env | grep netcdf' command:
> PATH=/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/bin:/opt/hdf/4.2.6/intel/11.1.064/bin:/opt/hdf5/1.8.8/intel/11.1.064/bin:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/bin/intel64:/homes/jma/bin:/homes/jma/ncl-6.0.0/bin:/homes/colagds/bin:/usr/local/grads/2.0:/usr/local/grads:/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/java/default/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:.
> PWD=/opt/netcdf/4.2/intel/11.1.064
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/lib:/opt/szip/2.1/gnu/4.1.2/lib:/opt/hdf/4.2.6/intel/11.1.064/lib:/opt/hdf5/1.8.8/intel/11.1.064/lib:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/ipp/em64t/sharedlib:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/mkl/lib/em64t:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/tbb/intel64/cc4.1.0_libc2.4_kernel2.6.16.21/lib:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/lib/intel64:/opt/udunits/2.1.23/lib
> MANPATH=/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/share/man:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/mkl/man:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/man:/usr/java/default/man:
> LOADEDMODULES=intel/11.1.064:hdf5/1.8.8/intel/11.1.064:hdf/4.2.6/intel/11.1.064:szip/2.1/gnu/4.1.2:netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2
> INCLUDE=/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/include:/opt/szip/2.1/gnu/4.1.2/include:/opt/hdf/4.2.6/intel/11.1.064/include:/opt/hdf5/1.8.8/intel/11.1.064/include:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/ipp/em64t/include:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/mkl/include
> INFOPATH=/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/share/info
> LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/lib:/opt/szip/2.1/gnu/4.1.2/lib:/opt/hdf/4.2.6/intel/11.1.064/lib:/opt/hdf5/1.8.8/intel/11.1.064/lib:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/ipp/em64t/lib:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/mkl/lib/em64t:/opt/intel/compiler/11.1.064/tbb/intel64/cc4.1.0_libc2.4_kernel2.6.16.21/lib
> NETCDF=/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2
> NETCDF_HOME=/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2
> _LMFILES_=/opt/Modules/modulefiles/intel/11.1.064:/opt/Modules/modulefiles/hdf5/1.8.8/intel/11.1.064:/opt/Modules/modulefiles/hdf/4.2.6/intel/11.1.064:/opt/Modules/modulefiles/szip/2.1/gnu/4.1.2:/opt/Modules/modulefiles/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2
> Now I am trying to build the fortran version of 4.2. We have the intel
> fortran compiler, ifort, version 11.1.064. Before I begin I set three
> environment vars, then run ./configure with only the --prefix option:
> setenv FC ifort
> setenv CPPFLAGS -I/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/include
> setenv LDFLAGS -I/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/lib
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/netcdf/4.2/intel/11.1.064
> Configure and make all work fine, but nf-config says I don't have nc4
> support:
> is6[jma]:/opt/netcdf/4.2/intel/11.1.064/src # ../bin/nf-config --all
> This netCDF-Fortran 4.2 has been built with the following features:
> --cc        -> /usr/bin/gcc
> --cflags    ->  -I/opt/netcdf/4.2/intel/11.1.064/include 
> -I/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/include
> --libs      -> -L/opt/netcdf/4.2/intel/11.1.064/lib 
> -I/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/lib -lnetcdf
> --fc        -> ifort
> --fflags    -> -g -I/opt/netcdf/4.2/intel/11.1.064/include
> --flibs     -> -L/opt/netcdf/4.2/intel/11.1.064/lib -lnetcdff 
> -I/opt/netcdf/4.2/gnu/4.1.2/lib -lnetcdf
> --has-f90   -> yes
> --has-nc2   -> no
> --has-nc4   -> no
> --prefix    -> /opt/netcdf/4.2/intel/11.1.064
> --includedir-> /opt/netcdf/4.2/intel/11.1.064/include
> --version   -> netCDF-Fortran 4.2
> It doesn't say whether the fortran library is dap-enabled, but I need
> that too. The --enable-netcdf-4 option does not appear to be valid with
> the fortran version of the configure script. I am primarily a C
> programmer, not all that experienced in building fortran code. Can you
> see what I am doing wrong here? Let me know if you need any more
> information...

These are symptoms of bugs in nc-config and nf-config, not calling each other 
to determine what features are supported.  We need to get out a bug-fix release
for netcdf-fortran soon, because I think these bugs are fixed in the current 
Unfortunately, there's no bundled snapshot release of netcdf-fortran yet, only
an svn source tree. The issue for tracking is here:


I believe running "make check" for the Fortran release should verify that you 
have support for version 2 interfaces and for the netCDF-4 APIs.  Let me know 
if your
"make check" for Fortran does not include these lines:

  *** Testing netCDF v2 api for F77.
  *** SUCCESS!
PASS: tst_f77_v2
 *** Testing definition of netCDF-4 vars from Fortran 77.
PASS: ftst_vars
 *** Testing netCDF-4 vars from F77 with new types.
PASS: ftst_vars2
 *** Testing enum and opaque types.
PASS: ftst_vars3
 *** Testing VLEN types.
PASS: ftst_vars4
 *** Testing compound types.
PASS: ftst_vars5

If you see all those, then that verifies "nf-config --all" is wrong
about the supported features.  Also, DAP access is supported in the
Fortran APIs as a consequence of support in the separate C library,
but I see it's not explicitly tested for when "make check" is run.

The current versions of nc-config.in for the C release and nf-config.in
for the Fortran release are available here:


Unfortunately to fix nc-config and nf-config requires starting over by 
copying the two files above into the top source directory of the respective 
releases, rerunning configure, make check, make install for the C release,
then rerunning configure, make check, make install for the Fortran release.

Please let us know if that doesn't fix the problems with nf-config returning 
the wrong information, and thanks for reporting the bugs!


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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