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[netCDF #TBR-569861]: how to merge asynch data using time as index

Hi Paul,

> we are looking at using NetCDF V3 for realtime data logging of marine
> sensors such as GPS, echosounders.
> Each sensor will be logged to a dedicated nc file at its natural data
> rate.  it will be timestamped using a common clock (NTP).
> the resulting files could be visulaised as:
> sounder.nc
> Time, Depth
> 12:00:00.0, 12.123
> 12:00:00.1, 12.124
> 12:00:00.2, 12.124
> etc
> position.nc
> Time, Latitude, Longitude
> 12:00:00.0, -32.0, 114.5
> 12:00:01.0, -32.1, 114.6
> 12:00:02.0, -32.2, 114.7
> etc
> data will arrive at different rates.
> We need to merge the positions into the sounder files, so we end up with
> sounder.nc
> Time, Depth, Latitude, Longitude
> 12:00:00.0, 12.123, -32, 114.5
> 12:00:00.1, 12.124, -32.01, 114.51
> 12:00:00.2, 12.124, -32.02, 114.52
> etc
> there are 2 questions here....
> How would I lookup a variable such as latitide given a specific time
> (in this case the sounding time)?
> If there is not an exact match, is it possible to easily interpolate to
> find the correct latitude?

The netCDF API doesn't support lookup by value for data in a disk
file.  Assuming time is a netCDF coordinate variable (which means it's
monotonically increasing and has no missing values), it's
straightforward to read the time coordinates into a memory array,
use something like a binary search algorithm to locate the time
indices identifying a time interval containing the time sought, and
use that index to access the desired latitude or interpolate a value
in the corresponding interval.

Alternatively, you could use one of the packages built on netCDF, such
as NCO, NCL, CDO, or FIMEX that supports interpolation:


Those are all open source packages, but there are also some commercial
packages that acess netCDF data and support interpolation, such as the
Environmental Workbench and ESRI software.


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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