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[netCDF #HNO-581261]: Sample netcdf file

Hi Mike,

> We received the attached file that is supposed to contain a satellite
> weather test image from a subcontractor.  When I open it using HDFView, I
> can view it as an image, but it is not what I expected to see (see below).

Yup, that image doesn't look like any satellite view of weather I've ever seen!

> Is there some attribute (maybe equivalent to CLASS=IMAGE in HDF5,
> or cdm_data_type="image" in CDL) that's missing?  It's supposed to be
> a netCDF4 file.  Is it?  We're at a loss and the subcontractor doesn't
> seem to be able to help us out on how it was created.

No, not that I know of.  It is definitely a netCDF-4 file, as I can
tell by running 

  ncdump -k MesoPngGreenBand7_Baseline.nc

and I can see all the values in the file with

  ncdump MesoPngGreenBand7_Baseline.nc > MesoPngGreenBand7_Baseline.cdl

There's no particular reason to have made a netCDF-4 file out of it,
as everything in the file can be represented in the netCDF-3 classic
format.  In fact you can make a netCDF-3 file out of it with nccopy:

  nccopy -k1 MesoPngGreenBand7_Baseline.nc tmp.nc

and tmp.nc will have the same data and metadata, but just be a classic
format netCDF file, as you can see by running "ncdump -k tmp.nc".

> What netCDF-specific viewer do you recommend?  If you are able to view it,
> does it look like the screen shot below?

You can use ncview on the equivalent netCDF-3 file, and a recent version
may also work for the netCDF-4 version.  I don't currently have ncview installed
where I can use it to look at the file, but I'll try to get it tomorrow.


> Any help would be appreciated - we're grasping at straws down here.
> Thanks.
> Mike Carlomusto
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