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[netCDF #GNP-293876]: module file problem

> Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately I get the same error message. Any 
> help would be appreciated.

Are you using whatever pgfortran flag is needed to tell the compiler where to 
find the
module file for the Fortran-90 netCDF API?  From your configure invocation, 
this is probably
/home/fake/netcdf/netcdf_install/include, so check to make sure that directory 
has an .mod
file created by the pgi Fortran-90 compiler when you ran "make install", that 
compile flags include -I/home/fake/netcdf/netcdf_install/include and that your 
load flags
include "-L/home/fake/netcdf/netcdf_install/include -lnetcdff -lnetcdf".

If that doesn't help, here's someone who had a very similar problem and the 
solution that
worked for him/her having to do with order of compile options for pg compilers:



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> From: Unidata netCDF Support [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Friday, March 23, 2012 1:03 PM
> To: Fake, Todd
> Cc: address@hidden
> Subject: [netCDF #GNP-293876]: module file problem
> > I get the same error with version 4.2. I can compile and install with the 
> > following option.
> >
> > env CC=pgcc CXX=pgcpp FC=pgfortran F90=pgfortran LD=pgfortran 
> > CPPFLAGS="-DpgiFortrani " ./configure 
> > --prefix=/home/fake/netcdf/netcdf_install --disable-netcdf-4
> >
> > But when I try to compile the code I want to use netcdf with I get the 
> > error messages in the attached file. Any idea why?
> ...
> > $ make
> > /opt/platform_mpi/bin/mpif90     mod_prec.o mod_types.o mod_main.o 
> > mod_utils.o mod_par.o mod_inp.o mod_wd.o mod_probe.o mod_clock.o 
> > mod_spherical.o mod_obcs.o mod_wqm.o mod_gotm.o mod_equitide.o 
> > mod_atmotide.o mod_heatflux.o mod_northpole.o mod_balance_2d.o mod_tsobc.o 
> > mod_meanflow.o mod_obcs2.o mod_obcs3.o mod_dye.o mod_newinp.o mod_tridiag.o 
> > mod_scal.o mod_sed.o particle.o linklist.o mod_enkf.o mod_etkf.o mod_rrk.o 
> > mod_rrkassim.o mod_optimal_interpolation.o mod_assim.o mod_ncdio.o 
> > mod_ncdave.o mod_lag.o mod_visit.o mod_petsc.o mod_semi_implicit.o 
> > utilities.o adjust2d3d.o advave_edge_gcn.o adv_q.o advection_edge_gcn.o 
> > adv_s.o adv_t.o adv_uv_edge_gcn.o alloc_vars.o archive.o arcrst.o atg.o 
> > fct_s.o fct_t.o baropg.o bcmap.o bcond_bfw.o bcond_gcn.o bcond_ts.o 
> > bcs_force.o brough.o brough_ud.o bracket.o cell_area.o conv_over.o 
> > data_run.o dens.o dens2.o depth_grad.o domdec.o extel_edge.o extuv_edge.o 
> > genmap.o getdim.o initial_qql.o hot_start_data.o initial_ts.o 
> > initial_uvel.o i
> iles.o out_avge.o out_binary.o out_sms_one.o pdomdec.o phy_baropg.o report.o 
> sectinf.o set_bndry.o set_sigma.o shape_coef_gcn.o sinter.o startup.o svan.o 
> theta.o us_fvcom.o tge.o vdif_q.o vdif_ts.o vdif_uv.o vertvl_edge.o 
> water_depth.o wreal.o ghostuv.o dens3.o init_sed.o advave_edge_gcy.o 
> advection_edge_gcy.o closefiles.o adv_uv_edge_gcy.o bcond_gcy.o 
> shape_coef_gcy.o depth_check.o vdif_ts_gom.o adjust_ts.o shutdown_check.o 
> extelpf_edge.o fct_q2.o fct_q2l.o viscofh.o print_vals.o visitsim.o 
> rho_mean.o adcor.o viz.o mod_bio_3D.o mod_onedtide.o     -L../METIS_source 
> -lmetis  -L/usr/lib64 -lnetcdf        -o fvcom
> > mod_ncdio.o: In function `mod_ncdio_handle_ncerr_':
> > /c1/fake/FVCOM/FVCOM2.7.1/FVCOM_source/./mod_ncdio.f90:156: undefined 
> > reference to `netcdf_nf90_strerror_'
> > mod_ncdio.o: In function `mod_ncdio_write_netcdf_setup_':
> > /c1/fake/FVCOM/FVCOM2.7.1/FVCOM_source/./mod_ncdio.f90:342: undefined 
> > reference to `netcdf_nf90_create_'
> ...
> It looks like you're not telling the compiler where to find the netCDF 
> Fortran library, which is separate
> from the netCDF C library.  It may be enough to just replace "-lnetcdf" with 
> "-lnetcdff -lnetcdf".
> --Russ
> Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
> address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu
> Ticket Details
> ===================
> Ticket ID: GNP-293876
> Department: Support netCDF
> Priority: Normal
> Status: Closed
Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: GNP-293876
Department: Support netCDF
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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