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[netCDF #JNH-860762]: Problems with CDL/vlen example


> thanks for this info. I am rather mystified, shouldn't this doxygen info
> already be in the configure.ac file  that I checked out from the repository?

No, Ed didn't build it into the configure.ac file when he made the
cxx4 directory into a separate package.  I don't think I've changed
the svn repository for cxx4 since Ed created it, and I certainly
haven't added the doxygen stuff to configure.ac, since I just figured
out how to do that yesterday by looking at the netCDF-C example.

> How did you (or Ed) build the C++ documentation that appears on the Web?

As far as I know, it was built manually, by running the doxygen
command from the command line.  Ed may have also created the Doxyfile
file manually, but you shouldn't have to do that, as the configure
script creates it from the information in configure.ac.  The configure
script is created from the configure.ac file by just running
"autoreconf -i".  For this, you will need to have installed the open
source autoconf package.

> I still need to know what files I should put into the configure.ac file;

The two lists of files in the configure.ac file are just the inputs
for doxygen.  In configure.ac, where I indicated in the template I
sent, you need to set the NETCDF_DOC_CODE_FILES variable to a
blank-delimited list of the .h and .cpp files of code that doxygen
processes to create the reference documentation.  Take a look at the
example configure.ac I attached to the last message for details about
that list of files.  The other variable you need to set is
NETCDF_DOC_ONLY_FILES, to a similar list of doxygen input files that
are not embedded in the C++ code, such as introductory documentation,
overviews, user guides, or similar documentation that is not in the
comments of any specific file of C++ code.

I can't tell you what those files are.  You wrote the doxygen input,
so you know which files are supposed to be processed by doxygen.

> also how I build the documentation,

The configure script, when it is run, will automatically include the
commands needed to build the documentation in the Makefiles it builds.
If it detects that a doxygen program is installed, it will invoke it
to build the documenation when you run "make all" or "make check".  It
will install the doxygen-generated files when you run "make install",
wherever the configure options specify it should be installed.

That's all I know about it.  All the doxygen-generated files get build
here for our netCDF-C package when I run "make check" and "make
install", using the default configuration.


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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