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[netCDFJava #HVW-546457]: NetCDF-Java 4.3.8 failing on this Valid OPeNDAP URL

The netcdf-java code <i>currently<i>
assumes that the url is unencoded
at the point it is given to NetcdfDataset.

If you unencode that url and try it,
it works ; well almost, there is
an array size mismatch error but that
is separate from the encoding issue.

Frankly,  I never envisioned such a
weird url as yours (in unencoded form):

In my opinion, Ferret is seriously abusing the url format
and such a query should have been in the
actual query part of a url (i.e. after the '?'), but
so be it.

John- any comment on this? Do we need to revisit our encoding
=Dennis Heimbigner

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: HVW-546457
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: High
Status: Closed

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