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[netCDFJava #MIY-264031]: gfs 384 data

Greetings Alex,

> Hi,
> I am very new to the api.

Welcome to netCDF-Java! 

>  My ultimate goal is to translate raw gfs data
> into a table in memory with 3 columns long, lat and temp.
> Is this doable using java api?  Could you point me to the right direction?
> I am parsing the file fine and creating the dataset, I am having problems
> understanding how I can output the table and what classes should I use.

If I understand correctly, you wish to extract long, lat, and temp, and save 
the data in something like a comma delimited ASCII file? This is indeed 
possible; however, for clarification purposes, what is your planned use for the 
data once you have extracted long, lat, and temp? Also, where are you obtaining 
the GFS data? I ask because their may be a very easy way to get what you desire.



> Thank you in advance,
> Alex.

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