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[netCDFJava #TLG-682846]: Regarding Java netcdf surfer grid files

> Hello sean,
> I had written java program to create a .nc file where i need to run this and 
> see whether .nc is created or not.
> Thanks,
> Ravi Teja
Greetings Ravi,

You will need to download the netcdfALL-4.2.jar file located here:


Once you have the jar file downloaded, you can add it to your classpath 
environmental variable, or you can simp0ly put it in the directory where your 
java code is and run the following:

javac -classpath ./netcdfAll-4.2.jar <your file>.java

Then, after compiling, you should see a <your file>.class file in the 
directory, which is the compiled java code. Now, to run the code, execute:

java -classpath .:./netcdfAll-4.2.jar <your file>

You may want to give this a try with the Simple_xy_wr.java file from the 
example programs page just to make sure everything is working.



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Ticket ID: TLG-682846
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