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[netCDFJava #KNP-588613]: Regarding use of netcdf-4.2.jar to read ".nc" file


I probably should have answered this first. My advice is to look through some 
of the example .java files we have on the web. which are located at (which I 
think you've found):


In order to run the example programs, you will need to grab the netCDF-java 
package. I would recommend going with the netcdfAll-4.2.jar. Add this jar file 
to your classpath like so:

export CLASSPATH = <path-to-netcdf-jar>/netcdfAll-4.2:$CLASSPATH (if you are 
using bash)

setenv CLASSPATH = <path-to-netcdf-jar>/netcdfAll-4.2:$CLASSPATH (if you are 
using a c-based shell)

From that point, you need to compile the .java file into a .class file. So, for 
example, if you download Simple_xy_wr.java, you would need to type:

javac Simple_xy_wr.java

You may get some warnings, but that is ok. Once compiled, you should have a 
file called Simple_xy_wr.class in your directory. To run this file, simply type:

java Simple_xy_wr

If the command is successful, you will see the message "*** SUCCESS writing 
example file simple_xy.nc!", and a new netCDF file named "simple_xy.nc" will be 
in your directory.



> Hello there,
> I am new to Java an also a very naÃve user of cdf files.
> I want to read and write to CDF files (larger files).
> I have gone through the netCDF java utilities and download them.
> Could you please advise me where can I get proper information for
> how to use netcdf-4.2.jar application to read and write to file.
> thanks and regards,
> Rinku Panchal
> Software Engineer
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