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[netCDF #SLW-388108]: Configure error: Can't find or link to the hdf5 library

Greetings Tiantian,

Have you tried setting you CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS with a space between each -I 
and -L statement, like so?

export CPPFLAGS="-I${hdf5_prefix}/include -I${zlib_prefix}/include 

export LDFLAGS="-L${hdf5_prefix}/lib -L${zlib_prefix}/lib -L${szlib_prefix}/lib"

./configure --prefix=${itl_prefix}/netcdf-4.1.3/gcc

Also, what are the *_prefix variables defined to be?



> Hi,
> I was trying to build the NetCDF-4.1.3 with hdf5. I had hdf5 installed as
> static linking and with parallel I/O. Here are the commands I had used and
> the relevant part of the configure output:
> address@hidden netcdf-4.1.3]$ export
> CPPFLAGS=-I${hdf5_prefix}/include-I${zlib_prefix}/include-I${szlib_prefix}/include
> address@hidden netcdf-4.1.3]$ export
> LDFLAGS=-L${hdf5_prefix}/lib-L${zlib_prefix}/lib-L${szlib_prefix}/lib
> address@hidden netcdf-4.1.3]$ ./configure
> --prefix=${itl_prefix}/netcdf-4.1.3/gcc
> ....
> checking for library containing H5Fflush... no
> configure: error: Can't find or link to the hdf5 library. Use
> --disable-netcdf-4, or see config.log for errors.
> The config.log is attached. Please take a look and help me with this
> problem!
> Thanks!
> Tiantian

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