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[netCDF #KGN-827851]: libnetcdff ??


> > It's a horde of users building models from source.  They don't
> > know how to modify Makefiles; they have a mix of different
> > netCVDF versions, and with your having changed the default
> > netCDF build-behavior -- without notice and without proper
> > documentation -- it is impossible for me to _give_ them Makefiles
> > that will work with both (3.6.x, 4.x.y) netCDF versions.
> > 
> > Googling, I notice that the WRF met-model community has
> > similar problems (though a more sophisticated user-base).
> > 
> > If nothing else, given that the default behavior was to build
> > unified libraries, so that building separate libraries required
> > an affirmative --enable-separate-fortran" configure-flag,
> > changing this default behavior <STRONG>without any usable
> > notice</STRONG> is extremely hostile to the user community.
> > (Googling, the only clear notice I can find is on Florida State
> > U's high performance computing web-site!)


> I am sorry that you don't feel you were adequately notified about the separat
> e fortran library issue. I agree, I did not announce this issue prominently e
> nough. I have made a note to prepare send an email to the netCDF mailing list
>  with a better explanation of this change.

I was looking through Release Notes, Jira views, and netcdfgroup
postings to try to draft a project summary for the upcoming joint
UserComm and PolComm meeting, and noticed that you explicitly asked
everyone on the netcdfgroup mailing list whether anyone minded if you
separated the F77 library from the C library:


That was back in March 2011, with some follow-up discussion on the
mailing list.  Although you just mentioned F77 and not F90, it seems to
me that counts as "usable notice" of your plans.  So if you're planning
another posting on this, I think it would be fair to link to your
previous posting above for background.


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