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[netCDF #LBV-482826]: for: netCDF Lagefile issue

> Hi,
> I worked on Linux using netcdf-4.0 library to created a netCDF file in
> C++. The file size was bigger than 6 GB.
> The code was the following,
> ----------------------------------------------------
> if (I == 1)
> {
> dataFile = new NcFile(FullName.c_str(), I == 1 ? NcFile::Replace 
> :NcFile::Write,
> 0,
> NcFile::Offset64Bits);
> }
> else
> {
> dataFile = new NcFile(FullName.c_str(), NcFile::Write);
> }
> .......
> ------------------------------------------------------
> The problem was whenever the netcdf library opens the file with the
> correct options i.e. O_LARGEFILE it works but when it neglects that
> option, it fails. The netcdf library appears to perform a single 'open'
> call with large file support, then a number of other subsequent 'open'
> calls without that option, which fail.
> So my output netCDF file was failed.
> Could you help me with it?
> Thanks,
> Wendy

Howdy Wendy!

You need to upgrade to the latest release of netCDF:

Build it according to these instructions:



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