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[netCDF #EBF-573120]: nc-config fix needed

> Full Name: Tim Campbell
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
> Package Version: 4.1.3
> Operating System:
> Hardware:
> Description of problem:
> The nc-config utility does not return a non-zero exit code when invoked
> with an unknown option.  This is because no (non-zero) argument is
> provided to the usage call in the default case of the case block for
> processing command-line options.

This has been fixed in the snapshot release:

./nc-config --dddd
unknown option: --dddd
Usage: nc-config [OPTION]

Available values for OPTION include:

  --help        display this help message and exit
  --all         display all options
  --cc          C compiler
  --cxx         C++ compiler
  --fc          Fortran compiler
  --cflags      pre-processor and compiler flags
  --fflags      flags needed to compile a Fortran program
  --has-dap     whether OPeNDAP is enabled in this build
  --has-nc2     whether NetCDF-2 API is enabled
  --has-nc4     whether NetCDF-4/HDF-5 is enabled in this build
  --has-hdf5    whether HDF5 is used in build (always the same as --has-nc4)
  --has-hdf4    whether HDF4 was used in build
  --has-pnetcdf whether parallel-netcdf (a.k.a. pnetcdf) was used in build
  --has-f77     whether Fortran 77 API is enabled in this build
  --has-f90     whether Fortran 90 API is enabled in this build
  --has-c++     whether C++ API is enabled in this build
  --has-szlib   whether szlib is included in build
  --libs        library linking information for netcdf
  --flibs       libraries needed to link a Fortran program
  --prefix      Install prefix
  --includedir  Include directory
  --version     Library version



Ticket Details
Ticket ID: EBF-573120
Department: Support netCDF
Priority: Emergency
Status: Closed

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