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[netCDF #JKS-717625]: problem to install NETCDF-4.1.1 with PGI compiler

Hi Omid,

> I am trying to install netcdf-4.1.1 with PGI compiler and followed the 
> instructions in http://www.pgroup.com/resources/netcdf/netcdf40_pgi2010.htm 
> website, but encountered the following error:
> checking if Fortran "byte" is C "signed char"... configure: error: Could not 
> compile conftest.c

This indicates a failure of the Fortran compiler to correctly compile a test 
as determined by the configure script.  There are several possible causes:

  - Failure of the configure script to find and use the intended Fortran 
  - Failure to configure your development environment for the intended Fortran
    compiler before running the configure script, for example not running a 
    for the compiler that might be needed to set environment variables

The best way to diagnose the problem is to look at the "config.log" file that is
generated when the configure script is run to determine:

  - whether configure is actually using the intended PGI compiler, rather than
    gfortran or g95, for example
  - exactly what error message is produced when configure attempts to compile 
    test program

You might be able to debug this yourself by looking through the config.log file,
which is usually best searched backwards from the end for the 

  checking if Fortran "byte" is C "signed char"... configure: error: Could not 
compile conftest.c

message, and then looking at the detailed compiler output before that.  If you 
figure it out from that, please send us the config.log file as well as the 
environment variables and options used to invoke the configure script.  You 
also try a more recent netCDF version, such as 4.1.3, as it has some portability
enhancements since 4.1.1.


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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