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[netCDF #MAW-926067]: make check fails for 4.1.3


Sorry for the false positives on zlib and -mp1. I see that the -mp1 flag is 
indeed in the man page, but other online sources indicate that -mp1 as well as 
-mp have been deprecated in favor of -fp-model (-mp has an official deprecation 
warning in the docs, but -mp1 does not at this point). 

I am pretty sure the nightly build is safe to use in production environments. 
make check runs an extensive test suite, so the fact that make check passed is 
a great news. That said, we do occasionally run into bugs, like with szlib, and 
we greatly appreciate bug reports if you happen to find any (please direct the 
bug reports to address@hidden).



> Hello Sean,
> > -----UrsprÃngliche Nachricht-----
> > Von: Unidata netCDF Support [mailto:address@hidden
> > Gesendet: Samstag, 9. Juli 2011 01:51
> > An: Bader, Reinhold
> > Cc: address@hidden
> > Betreff: [netCDF #MAW-926067]: make check fails for 4.1.3
> >
> > Greetings!
> >
> > I see a few issues, particularly in your config log:
> >
> > 1) configure cannot find zlib - you may need to install zlib-devel from your
> > system package manager.
> I cannot confirm this. While there is a line
> "checking whether a location for the ZLIB library was specified..."
> this seems to be only relevant if ZLIB is not installed into the system paths.
> (When zlib-devel was missing, configure actually barfed). And all test 
> linkages
> agains -lz worked fine.
> > 2) configure cannot find curl - make sure curl is installed on your system.
> Thanks; curl-devel was indeed missing. Presumably this simply means that
> DAP is deactivated. It does not seem to be related to the problem I reported
> because with 4.1.3 the problem persists even if curl-devel is present.
> > 3) You are using ifort v11. It seems the -mp1 optimization flag has been 
> > obsolete
> > since v10. You should probably remove that from your fortran flags.
> Again, I cannot confirm this. For both ifort V11 and V12, -mp1 is documented 
> in
> the compiler's man page and, when added as a flag, compiles without a warning.
> >
> > Also, it looks like you are using szlib. We recently found some issues with 
> > netCDF
> > and szlib but have since updated the netCDF library to fix them (the tests 
> > were
> > failing, but that has been resolved), but you will need to download the 
> > nightly
> > build. Would you mind downloading and trying the nightly build of netCDF 
> > found
> > at:
> >
> > ftp.unidata.ucar.edu/pub/netcdf/snapshot/netcdf-4-daily.tar.gz
> When using the nightly build, the reported error indeed does not occur. Do 
> you consider
> the stability good enough that it can be used in production? Looking at the
> "make check" output I do get a number of expected failures, and then also
> NetCDF: String match to name in use
> XFAIL: tst_failure
> of which I don't know how serious this is. At the end, I get
> ==================
> All 7 tests passed
> ==================
> so it seems to be happy.
> [...]

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