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[netCDF #PQD-251634]: Compiling Netcdf 4.1.2 C++ with Visual Studio 2010

> Hello,
> I know that the porting of Netcdf 4 C++ version in Win 32 environment
> has not been completed.
> However, I tried to compile the 4.1.2 C++ distribution with Visual
> Studio 2010 C++ compiler and everything worked well, with just two
> exceptions:
> ncGroup.cpp(225): error C2679 (binary 'operator' : no operator defined
> which takes a right-hand operand of type 'type' (or there is no
> acceptable conversion)
> ncGroup.cpp(225): error C2678 (binary 'operator' : no operator defined
> which takes a left-hand operand of type 'type' (or there is no
> acceptable conversion)
> I have a too poor skill in C++ to find a work-around by myself.
> Have you any suggestion?
> Thank you very much!
> Ambrogio Colombo
> Via Varanini Luigi 26
> 20127 Milano
> Tel. 02 28381377 - 348 7014585
> address@hidden

Howdy Ambrogio!

The CXX4 API is still experimental and not ready for operational use. I am 
afraid I cannot see what might be causing your visual studio problem.

I would suggest using the C API from visual studio. DLLs are now being 
generated for the daily snapshot...



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