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[netCDF #EQV-488119]: NC_MAX_DIMS use in netCDF-4

> In the RELEASE_NOTES file for 4.1.2-beta1, it says "Refactoring of
> netCDF-4 memory internals to reduce memory use and end dependance on
> NC_MAX_DIMS and NC_MAX_NAME."  However, if I look at the code, I see
> arrays dimensioned with NC_MAX_DIMS in:
> libsrc4/nc4file.c:   hsize_t dims[NC_MAX_DIMS], max_dims[NC_MAX_DIMS];
> libsrc4/nc4file.c:      int32 dimsize[NC_MAX_DIMS];
> libsrc4/nc4hdf.c:            hsize_t dims[NC_MAX_DIMS];
> libsrc4/nc4hdf.c:            int unlim_dimids[NC_MAX_DIMS];
> libsrc4/nc4internal.c:   int dimids[NC_MAX_DIMS];
> libsrc4/nc4internal.c:   size_t dimlen[NC_MAX_DIMS];
> libsrc4/nc4internal.c:   char dims_string[NC_MAX_DIMS*4];
> libsrc4/nc4var.c:      MPI_Offset mpi_start[NC_MAX_DIMS],
> mpi_count[NC_MAX_DIMS];
> Did I misread the release note meaning, or did that change get reverted
> later.  Are there plans to eliminate these dependancies on NC_MAX_DIMS
> (and others on NC_MAX_VARS)?
> Thanks,
> --Greg Sjaardema

Howdy Greg!

I don't know what happened. I suspect I messed up the merge and somehow lost 
some changes. Now I'll have to redo that stuff.

Unfortunately it's too late for the 4.1.3 release, so I have added it as a bug 
in our bug tracker system:



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