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Re: netcdf internal compression for CF Discrete Sampling Geometries 9.3.2

On 6/2/2011 12:01 PM, Upendra Dadi wrote:
Hi John,
This is Upendra Dadi from NODC. I have a small question which requires your help. I have a netCDF 4 file which contains multi-profile data based on CF Discrete Sampling Geometries Convention 9.3.2 (Incomplete multidimensional array representation of profiles). What is the best way to apply internal compression for this file, especially when the profile lengths are highly skewed? Some of the profiles in the file have less than 10 depth levels while most are between 10 and 100 and some are as large as 500. Can I apply Run Lenght Encoding in netCDF 4 ?
Thanks for your patience.


hi upendra:

do you have a sample file?

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