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[netCDF #EQK-759367]: netcdf check error

Greetings Miaowei!

The key error here is "error while loading shared libraries: libintlc.so.5: 
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" In this case, your 
compiler cannot find the Intel libraries (libintlc.so.5 not found). You will 
need to first setup your environment to reference the location of the libs. 
Intel provides both bash and csh scripts which will do this for you - you just 
need to find the script first. 

Try the following at the command line:

locate compilervars.sh

This should tell you where the script lives on disk. If locate can find the 
script, simply run

source <location from find>/compilervars.sh intel64

where <location from find> can be found from the locate command. If you are 
running csh instead of bash, simply replace compilervars.sh with 
compilervars.csh. Note: if you are running 32bit, replace `intel64` with `ia32` 
in the above command.

Once you've sourced the proper script, rebuild netCDF and see if `make check` 
is successful.


Sean Arms

> Hello everyone,
> May 25,2011
> Helle everyone. I have some problems about my netcdf library when I make 
> check my install, I configure with argutments here,
> ./configure --prefix=/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf CC=icc FC=ifort CXX=icpc 
> F77=ifort --enable-shared --enable-sharedlibs=gcc --enable-debuginfo 
> --enable-g=dbg,mem,log --enable-fast --with-pm=hydra:mpd:gforker 
> --with-java=/usr/bin/java --with-curl=/disk2/miaowei/software/curl 
> --with-zlib=/disk2/miaowei/software/zlib --enable-pnetcdf --enable-parallel
> This are my configure results,......checking size of size_t... 8checking for 
> library containing floor... none requiredconfigure: generating header files 
> and makefilesconfigure: creating ./config.statusconfig.status: creating 
> gridspec/tools/make_hgrid/run_testsconfig.status: creating 
> gridspec/tools/make_vgrid/run_testsconfig.status: creating 
> gridspec/tools/make_topog/run_testsconfig.status: creating 
> Makefileconfig.status: creating doc/Makefileconfig.status: creating 
> cfcheck/Makefileconfig.status: creating src/Makefileconfig.status: creating 
> config.hconfig.status: config.h is unchangedconfig.status: creating 
> nfconfig.incconfig.status: executing depfiles commandsconfig.status: 
> executing libtool commands
> This is my check error,
> ......libtool: link: ranlib .libs/libnetcdff.alibtool: link: rm -fr 
> .libs/libnetcdff.laxlibtool: link: ( cd ".libs" && rm -f "libnetcdff.la" && 
> ln -s "../libnetcdff.la" "libnetcdff.la" )make[2]: Leaving directory 
> `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/fortran'make[1]: Leaving directory 
> `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/fortran'Making check in libsrcmake[1]: 
> Entering directory `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libsrc'make[1]: 
> Nothing to be done for `check'.make[1]: Leaving directory 
> `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libsrc'Making check in 
> libncdap3make[1]: Entering directory 
> `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libncdap3'make Âcheck-ammake[2]: 
> Entering directory `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libncdap3'make 
> Ât_dap3amake[3]: Entering directory 
> `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libncdap3'make[3]: 
> ât_dap3aâ?????make[3]: Leaving directory 
> `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libncdap3'make Âcheck-TESTSmake[3]: 
> Entering
> directory `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libncdap3'./t_dap3a: error 
> while loading shared libraries: libintlc.so.5: cannot open shared object 
> file: No such file or directoryFAIL: 
> t_dap3a================================================1 of 1 test 
> failedPlease report to address@hidden: *** [check-TESTS] ?? 1make[3]: Leaving 
> directory `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libncdap3'make[2]: *** 
> [check-am] ?? 2make[2]: Leaving directory 
> `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libncdap3'make[1]: *** [check] ?? 
> 2make[1]: Leaving directory 
> `/disk2/miaowei/software/netcdf-4.1.2/libncdap3'make: *** [check-recursive] 
> ?? 1
> I could't where the problems are,would you help?thanks
> RegardsMiaoweiÂ

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