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[netCDF #YQN-334036]: problem renaming dimension and coordinate in netCDF4 file

> Hello netCDFers,
> I may have asked this question before because it feels familiar to me.
> If so, however, my leaky brain has lost the answer. This works when
> the file ~/foo.nc is netCDF3 and fails when ~/foo.nc is netCDF4:
> ncks -O -4 -v lat_T42 ~/nco/data/in.nc ~/foo.nc
> ncrename -O -D 2 -d lat_T42,lat -v lat_T42,lat ~/foo.nc ~/foo2.nc
> In other words, ncrename is unable to rename, at the same time
> (i.e., sequentially in a single define mode), both a variable and a
> dimension of the same name when the input file is netCDF4.
> The failure occurs during the nc_enddef() call (output below).
> All done with netCDF 4.1.2.
> Is this to be expected? If so, why?
> Is there a workaround?
> Apologies if I should already know the answers.
> Thanks,
> Charlie

Howdy Charlie!

No need to be sorry - the ways of coordinate variables and dimensions in 
netcdf-4/HDF5 files are a major source of confusion for me as well. And bugs.

Should this work? I don't know. It never occurred to me all the crazy things 
that people would try with my poor, innocent little software. :-(

However, I guess I can muster some team spirit and say that I can't see why 
this should not work. I can even confess that if it works with classic files, 
then it must also work (or is supposed to work) with netCDF-4/HDF5 files.

I have just fixed some bugs relating to this. I wonder if you would like to 
retry your example. If it still doesn't work I will set up a C test.

The daily snapshot includes the fix:



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Ticket ID: YQN-334036
Department: Support netCDF
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