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Re: Possible grib-8.0.jar bug

Hi Bill:

We are looking at a solution for this. Do you happen to know where meteofrance_1.tab and meteofrance_2.tab files came from? (Robb is on vacation for two weeks.)
The quick fix is to remove these, but we are also looking at a fix in opendap, since this problem shows up elsewhere.


On 5/16/2011 11:35 AM, Bill Hankins wrote:
Hi John

Regarding a possible issue with the new meteofrance_1.tab and meteofrance_2.tab 
grib tab resource files within the

Line item 65, i.e.

65:WEASD:Accum. snow [kg/m^2]

I believe that the period after Accum is causing problems with OPeNDAP and 
NetcdfSubset access methods.

While reading a grib type MFA SURFA dataset with OPeNDAP the Accum._Snow 
variable attributes were showing up within
global attributes.

In NetcdfSubset the Accum._Snow variable won't render without an 403 error 
stating that Accum._Snow isn't a netcdf
variable or sometimes with just a content encoding error.



Here's the wgrib dump of what should be the Accum_snow variable within the MFA 
SURFA dataset.


After removing the period from the meteofrance grib tab tables both errors were 
resolved while testing on our
development server.

Please advise.


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