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[netCDF #LOR-225885]: netcdf (all) in Windows with gfortran

> Hi Russ,
> Thanks for the help.
> Ed Hartnetts mail seems to point more towards C/C++.
> Is his build also aimed at Fortran?
> I see in his readme he states g95.
> I tried Ed's build but still came across similar errors.
> I'm pretty new to programming in Windows.
> Am I missing something obvious here?
> Am I linking correctly?
> Should I be doing all this within Cygwin?
> I'm using mingw g95 in command prompt.
> Sorry I couldn't fine Ed's email address so I'm sending this to you if that's 
> ok.
> 1) errors1.txt
> I tried compiling with the normal libnetcdf.a library. Seems underscoring was 
> a problem (comparing to netcdf.inc).
> 2) errors2.txt
> I tried -fno-underscoring and still got undefined reference errors.
> So I look inside libnetcdf.a with nm and it seems functions are nc_* instead 
> of nf_*.
> The only library with reference to any nf_* functions is libnetcdff.a (extra 
> "f").
> 3) errors3.txt
> So I try compiling with libnetcdff.a (still with -fno-underscoring).
> Still get undefined reference errors, even though netcdf.inc has the exact 
> function names listed.
> 4) errors4.txt
> I try without the "-fno-underscoring" and get even stranger errors.
> regards,
> Mogesh.

Howdy Mogesh,

I am working on the netCDF fortran DLLs, and on the netCDF-4 DLLs. Classic 
library C API DLLs can now be found here:

Follow the progress of the fortran DLL in our Jira bug database:



Ticket Details
Ticket ID: LOR-225885
Department: Support netCDF
Priority: Critical
Status: Closed

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