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[netCDF #PWT-224191]: Shared libraries issue

> Hi,
> recently we have updated our version of netcdf 4.0 to netcdf 4.1.2 (both
> with HDF support). After rolling out the new version to our users they
> have reported problems with their scripts that they can't find
> libnetcdf.so.4
> The new netcdf 4.1.2 generates libnetcdf.so.7 which suppose to be fully
> backward compatible. I wonder what is causing the problem?
> Here are configuration steps that we took:
> ./configure --prefix=/path/to/software/depot/netcdf/4.1.2
> --with-hdf5=/path/to/software/depot/hdf/5_1.8.6 --disable-f90
> --enable-shared --enable-netcdf-4
> make
> make check
> make install

The --with-hdf5= option is no longer supported. Set CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS 

CPPFLAGS=-I/path/to/software/include LDFLAGS=-L/path/to/software/lib 
./configure --disable-f90 

(Shared libraries will be built by default.)

> Here is the listing of the ...netcdf/4.1.2/lib folder:
> libnetcdf.a             libnetcdff.a         libnetcdf.so
> libnetcdf_c++.a         libnetcdff.la        libnetcdf.so.7
> libnetcdf_c++.la        libnetcdff.so        libnetcdf.so.7.0.1
> libnetcdf_c++.so        libnetcdff.so.5      pkgconfig
> libnetcdf_c++.so.4      libnetcdff.so.5.1.0
> libnetcdf_c++.so.4.1.0  libnetcdf.la
> Please suggest.
> Thank you
> Jerry Manukyan

Users should not link to one of the versioned libraries, but to libnetcdf.so. 
Then the linker will find the latest version.



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