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[netCDF #GWH-449344]: possible netcdf error when running Noah LSM

> Hi Ed,
> Thanks for your timely response.  I previously installed netCDF 4.1.1 using 
> macports.  It seems like 4.1.2 is not on macports yet, so I downloaded and 
> unpacked  netcdf.tar.gz that you sent.  No errors arose during the unpacking, 
> but the lib, main, and bin directories were not created.  The include 
> directory was created though.  The directory in which I did the unpacking 
> looks like:
> COPYRIGHT             compile         depcomp libcdmr         ltmain.sh       
> ncdump          test_prog.c
> INSTALL               config.guess    examples        libcf                   
> m4                      ncgen           test_prog.f90
> Makefile.am           config.h.in     f90                     libdispatch     
> man4            ncgen3          udunits
> Makefile.in           config.sub      fortran         liblib          missing 
>         nctest
> README                configure       h5_test         libncdap3       
> nc-config.in    netcdf.pc.in
> RELEASE_NOTES                 configure.ac    include         libncdap4       
> nc_test         nf_test
> acinclude.m4  cxx                     install-sh      libsrc          
> nc_test4        oc
> aclocal.m4            cxx4            lib_flags.am    libsrc4         
> ncdap_test      test_prog.F
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Neil

Howdy Neil!

What you downloaded was the source code. You can build it according to the 
instructions here:



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