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[netCDF #BOQ-220297]: problem with NetCDF perl module installation


> Thanks for the feedback.  Below you'll find the results of
> nm -g /home/amec/netcdf-perl-1.2.4/src/perl/blib/arch/auto/NetCDF/NetCDF.so

The nm(1) output contained

> U ncabort
> U ncattcopy
> U ncattdel

which indicates that the netCDF library wasn't incorporated into the 
netCDF-Perl perl(1) module.

> I'm not the most experienced Linux user, so let me ask you what must be a
> naive question.  Which file type exactly consistutes NetCDF's (or other
> libraries') library file--any of the .so, .a, .la files?

Names for shared-libraries have the form "libXXXXX.so.i.j", where "XXXXX" is 
the library name (e.g., "netcdf") and "i" and "j" are major and minor library 
numbers, respectively. Names for regular (i.e., non-sharable) libraries have 
the form "libXXXXX.a".

Set the environment variable LD_NETCDF to an ld(1) reference to the netCDF 
library (e.g., "-L/usr/local/lib -lnetcdf") and retry building the netCDF-Perl 
package. The configure(1) script should use that environment variable to 
reference the netCDF library.

> Or other files?  I
> assume the header file is a .h file.


> I've tried googling for this
> information, but it seems impossible to come up with search terms that drill
> down to the information I need.

I'm not sure all this information is collected in one place.

> Thanks,
> David Bryan

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: BOQ-220297
Department: Support netCDF Perl
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