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[netCDFJava #ANB-661794]: Error to open a Netcdf File

Hello Manuel,

The URL you are using is a WMS GetCoverage request. The response to this 
request is a full netCDF file, without HTTP byte range support. The netCDF-java 
library doesn't support non-"byte range" HTTP access to remote netCDF files.

From the dataset page for this dataset


there are two other services supported for this dataset: OPeNDAP and a straight 
HTTP service. The netCDF-Java library can open this dataset using either of 
those services (OPeNDAP, the first link below, should be preferred for 
performance reasons):


The dataset subsetting that was part of your WCS request (e.g., "coverage=ta" 
and "time=..." and "bbox=...") will have to be handled with the netCDF-java API 
(either in index space or using GridDataset).

Hope that helps,


> Hi,
> I am trying to acquire a netcdf file with java code and the library "netcdf
> java library 4.2".
> I wrote:
> NetcdfDataset gid = NetcdfDataset.openDataset("
> http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/wcs/galeon/testdata/striped.nc?request=GetCoverage&version=1.0.0&service=WCS&format=NetCDF3&coverage=ta&time=2005-05-10T00:00:00Z&bbox=-134,11,-47,57
> ");
> With my browser the URL works well, but when i execute the code i have an
> error: "Content Lenght is not support"
> ÂMay someone helps me?
> Thanks in advance and regards
> --
> ==============================================
> Manuel Antonio Regueiro Seoane
> Laboratorio de Sistemas
> Instituto de InvestigaciÃns TecnolÃxicas - IIT
> Universidade de Santiago de Compostela - USC

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