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[netCDF #RUY-124668]: problem in writing nc4 variable using nc_put_var

Hi Marston,

> I'm using netcdf4.1.1 and hdf51.8.4 patch 1.

We now recommend using HDF5 version 1.8.5-patch1 with netCDF-4.1.1,
although I don't think all our online documentation has been updated
with that recommendation.  But that is probably *not* the source of
the problem you're seeing.

> I'm trying to write an array that short *array(sizeof(short)*NX*NY*NZ).
> It is in fact a 3D array in a 1D array. I defined an array in NETCDF
> with nc_def_var as a 3D with NDIM=3.

Without seeing your code I'm just guessing, but did you supply an array
of the dimensions sizes (NX, NY, and NZ) rather than the dimension IDs
returned from defining 3 netCDF dimensions named NX, NY, and NZ?

Just for reference, here's an example of a program fragment defining 3
netCDF dimensions and defining a 3D netCDF variable in terms of them:

#define NDIM 3
#define NX   10
#define NY   20
#define NZ   30
   int nx_dimid, ny_dimid, nz_dimid;
   int dimids[NDIM];
   int varid;
   /* Define the dimensions. */
   if ((retval = nc_def_dim(ncid, "nx", NX, &nx_dimid)))
   if ((retval = nc_def_dim(ncid, "ny", NY, &ny_dimid)))
   if ((retval = nc_def_dim(ncid, "nz", NZ, &nz_dimid)))

   /* The dimids array is used to pass the dimids of the dimensions of
      the netCDF variables. */
   dimids[0] = ny_dimid;
   dimids[1] = ny_dimid;
   dimids[2] = nz_dimid;

   /* Define the netCDF variable */
   if ((retval = nc_def_var(ncid, "varname", NC_FLOAT, NDIMS, dimids, &varid)))

> When I try to write it I get the error:
> HDF error.
> I follwed the example in the manual but it doesn't work. Can I get some
> help with this issue?

If it's not the problem described above, do you have a small example
that fails that you could send, so we can reproduce the problem here?


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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