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[netCDF #SBY-332951]: Netcdf and Matlab: need ncdump

> I am using Matlab 7.10  2010a for Mac OS X which has native Netcdf
> commands. These work well but unfortunately Mathworks did not include ncdump
> and I need to read the headers for using NCEP Reanalysis data.   Under the
> old scheme with USGS toolbox it was fine but no longer.
> There must be some code that does this but I have looked in vain.
> Learning to read Netcdf files with basic fread statements must be
> possible.
> For NCEP reanalysis data there must also be documentation somewhere for
> the offset/scale factor numbers I need, that are in the headers, but
> strangely I can'f find that either.
> Thanks for any help.      Peter Rhines
> --
> www.ocean.washington.edu/people/faculty/rhines/rhines.html

Howdy Peter!

If you are on a Linux system, the answer is easy. Fedora users can do:

yum install netcdf

You can also get the netCDF source code from our web page and build it from 

If you are on a Windows system, download this and unpack it:



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