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[netCDFJava #NMT-724530]: vlen_t big_endian problem

Hi Bruno:

Im not sure if you got my previous message, but i have a fix for this problem 
which i will get out hopefully today or tommorrow.

> Hello,
> I'm using version of java API and, for Big Endian files
> NCdumpW works correctly but for Little Endian the generated file is wrong to
> levels data (vlen_t type). I sent the files (test3_p1_d1wave.nc in big
> endian and fpscminicodac_1.nc in little endian), the generated files and the
> code used. This problem is similar to related in ticket "[netCDFJava
> #NMT-724530]: vlen_t big_endian problem" but for other feature.
> Thanks for your support,
> Regards,
> Bruno Santos
> NCDump Little Endian problems.
> public void run() {
> FileOutputStream fos;
> fos = null;
> String varNames = null;
> CancelTask ct = null;
> button.setEnabled(false);
> label.setText("Generating ASCII file");
> try {
> if (ncFile != null){
> fos = new FileOutputStream(new File(filePath));
> OutputStreamWriter ows = new OutputStreamWriter(fos);
> *ucar.nc2.NCdumpW.print(ncFile, ows, true, true, false,
> true, varNames, ct);*
> label.setText("ASCII file generated");
> }else{
> label.setText("ncFile not present");
> }
> } catch (Exception ex) {
> label.setText("Error: " + ex.toString());
> }
> }

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: NMT-724530
Department: Support netCDF Java
Priority: High
Status: Open

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