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[netCDF #UGD-926588]: Support for netCDF4 in Perl


> We were planning to go to netCDF4 to store files but can't do so because
> we have no working Perl interface to netCDF4 and we have a lot of Perl
> code that reads our netCDF files. We are trying PDL::Netcdf but no luck
> yet installing it. Can a unidata version be made a priority? We can use
> the version 3 or 4 API.

Apparently, the current netCDF/Perl package will work with the current netCDF-4 
package *if* the configure(1) script of the netCDF-4 package is the options 
"--disable-netcdf-4" and "--enable-shared".

According to Ed Hartnet (one of the netCDF-4 developers) use of the 
"--disable-netcdf-4" option would mean the following:

1. Such an installation would not be able to read or write netCDF-4/HDF5

2. It would be able to read or write classic format or 64-bit offset format
files without difficulty.

3. If you don't need to read/write netCDF-4/HDF5 files, then building with
--disable-netcdf-4 is a good way to get the core library and tools. You
will still get the opendap client too.

Is this acceptable or do you need to access netCDF-4/HDF5 files using the 
netCDF/Perl package?

> Thanks very much!
> Cathy Smith
> PSD web and data
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> ----------------------------------------------
> 303-497-6263
> http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/people/cathy.smith/
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Steve Emmerson

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