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Re: Unstructured support in NetCDF-Java

On 11/2/2010 12:45 PM, Kyle Wilcox wrote:
Hi John –

I’m going to be working on unstructured support in the NetCDF-Java
library (based on the UGRID Interoperability discussions) to support
the IOOS funded modeling testbed (http://testbed.sura.org/). I do
have a fair amount of experience on the subject, so I’m not diving in
100% blind… only 97%.

I know unstructured support has come up in the past and I want to
make sure I have all of the resources I can get my hands on. I want
to make the process as open ended as possible and be in contact with
you and the other Netcdf-Java developers as often as needed.

I am hoping that I can lay the foundation in this project that can be
used by others to implement things like subsetting and interpolation
of unstructured grids inside of Netcdf-Java.

So, where to begin? Dialog on the CDM, the “mesh” feature type, and
the “mesh” coordinate system (or if that is not how I should be
approaching the problem, something else)?

What would you prefer to be the medium of communication for this, the
NetCDF-Java mailing list, the UGRID google group, or another
(existing or new) group?

Emails are fine with me…


Kyle Wilcox

Hi Kyle:

Wow, thats pretty exciting. The UGRID google group is probably fine, though 
occasionally broader input might be requested by posting to the netcdf-java 
group. It might be interesting to post a summary of the work scope to the 
netcdf-java at some point, so others know whats going on.

If you want to post a starting email to UGRID, I can respond to it there. Some 
of the things Id like to hear about are the timelines, deliverables, and 
preliminary thoughts on implementation.

Looking forward to it!


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