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[netCDF #BOI-751941]: netcdf-3.6.3 for ibm xl compiler on linux, powerpc-64

Hi Lykle,

> Currently I am trying to run a flow simulation on a supercomputer which
> runs Linux on a Power6-architecture. Software is compiled with the IBM
> XL-compiler pack. The simulation software uses the Netcdf-3 library, which
> requires a small modification to the file "cfortran.h". I have attached
> an updated version of the cfortran.h file; using this file makes Netcdf
> 3.6.3 compile cleanly and the library passes all tests in "make check".

Thanks for sending this patch.  We are no longer actively maintaining
version 3.6.3, containing cfortran.h version 4.3, but we are
maintaining cfortran.h version 4.4 in netCDF 4.1.1 and the upcoming
4.1.2.  Looking at cfortran 4.3, your patch adding defined(__xlc__) in
several of the #ifdef tests, and the changes in cfortran 4.4, it's
difficult for me to tell if incorportaing your changes to cfortran 4.4

 - might have undesirable side effects for users of the IBM xlc compilers
   on other platforms
 - whether, for example, "__IBMC__" might be a better macro to use to 
   for other versions of the compiler
 - whether some other change in cfortran.h 4.4 makes the change you
   have tested unnecessary.

So rather than make the change to cfortran.h 4.4 in our current
distribution, I have added an entry about your change to our web
page "Other Builds of the netCDF Package" at
where it might be found by other users searching for a solution to
the specific problem you have solved.

Thanks for contributing your changes!


Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program
address@hidden                      http://www.unidata.ucar.edu

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Ticket ID: BOI-751941
Department: Support netCDF
Priority: High
Status: Closed

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